Get a Double Buffalo Medal

double buffalo 2013 medal

Run the Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon in March and the Catalina Eco-Marathon in November in the same year and earn a Double Buffalo Medal!!


Course Records:


Male: Patrick Baldwin 2:47:54 (2011)
Female: Michelle Barton 3:32:40 (2007)

Half Marathon 

Male: David Burke 1:35:38 (2013)
Female: Kathrin Meade 1:46:08 (2012)


Male: Bernardo Salcido 0:36:32 (2014)
Female: Kathrin Meade 0:39:11 (2011)

hd-bckgr catalinacrush

Marathon Course

The Catalina Eco Marathon is a trail marathon that traverses the inner the roads and trails of the interior of Catalina Island.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, gels and other nutritional support for use between support stations. Support Stations will have water, Gatorade, candy, salt and other supplies for your use and nutrition.

There will be 11 stations out on the course, plus the post-race food at the finish line.  Water stations will be positioned approximately every 2 – 3 miles as follows (approximate mileage):

Mile Point (approximate)
Avalon Canyon at Start of Horse Trail
Mile 1.0
Divide Trail – just past Hermit Gulch Trail
Mile 3.2
 Airport Rd- SCE road exits
Mile 6.2
KBRT Trail at Gate
Mile 8.8
Bullrush Canyon Trail at Big Pond
Mile 11.5
Thompson Reservoir Gate
Mile 15.1
Cape Canyon Trail at split to Buffalo Pond
Mile 17.5
Top of Trail at Airport Road
Mile 19.0
Airport Rd-SCE road exits Mile 20.4
Hermit Gulch
Mile 23.6
Avalon Canyon at Start of Horse Trail
Mile 25.5

eco marathon course map

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ecomarathon elevationchart



Conquer "Catalina Crush" Hill

Come earn your buffalo finisher medal by experiencing Catalina Crush, a famous hill at mile 19 of the marathon course.  After conquering the hill stop at the mile 19 aid station to gulp down an official Catalina Crush drink to re-energize! To best describe this hill to those of you that haven't ran it, check out this poem written by Scott Cline, a Catalina Eco Marathon legacy runner.

"For three years now, as I approach the base and look up at those people WAY up there at the top, I say a LITTLE PRAYER. While I'm on it, I think of my farm heritage and low-gear strength requirements TRACTOR PULL as as I start I always have HIGH HOPES that's when I get to the top I can feel the Ancient Roman victory cheer VENI_VIDI_VICI (I came- I saw- I conquered) and head on down to the aid station feast." Scott Cline


What runners are saying about Catalina Eco Marathon

  • I absolutely loved the Catalina Eco Challenge Marathon. After running both marathons on the island, I can say with confidence that the Eco Challenge was my favorite because it was more challenging and scenic than the other one. The course was scenic, challenging, adventurous and well laid out. thank you for your efforts and I will be back!

    -- Antarctic Mike
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